6 Best Steam Irons in India 2021

Plenty of regular irons are there. But they cannot press like steam irons making those the best irons for clothes.

Some people only look for iron when there is an interview or a social gathering. Some press their dresses daily. The first type can manage with anything. But if you are in the second camp, you need the best irons for clothes to make clothes wrinkle-free without damaging their fabrics.

Best Steam Irons in India

1. Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron

This happens to be one of the best steam irons for clothes. It discharges a powerful and continuous spray of steam @ 13g/min, and it can go up to 17g/min. Fine vapors produced by the spray dampens the creases and help to iron perfectly. The control knob in the center helps to set temperature and steam as per requirement. Delivering superior ironing quality, it is one of the best irons for dress shirts.

The Linished soleplate has a smooth surface that glides smoothly over all types of fabrics. The water tank can hold 180ml water. Thanks to the large opening on the side and the emptying hole that allows quick and easy discharging and re-filling. However, the iron should not be filled to the capacity and to be kept horizontally for avoiding water leakage.

This is light in weight. Coming with 1.8 meters standard cord that rotates through 180°, this is one of the best steam irons for clothes. It runs on 1440 watts, 240 Volts, and 50Hz power. The blue color is attractive, and it comes with a two years product warranty.

2. Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250-Watt Steam Iron

If you are looking for the best irons for ironing clothes, Bajaj Majesty MX 3 could be the right pick. It comes with a vertical iron feature that lets one press curtains and hanging clothes easily, making it one of the best steam irons for clothes.

It comes with a 1.8-meter long power cord that can swivel through 360°. Thus, one can move the iron freely in all directions without tangles. The translucent water tank can hold up to 150ml water, making it ideal for long ironing sessions. No need to re-fill in the middle of ironing a large pile of clothes. It also houses a powerful water spray of 12g/minute that can be varied, and this helps to flatten tricky creases easily.

Bajaj MX 3 features a smooth soleplate coated with non-stick material. As a result, it glides smoothly on the fabric without sticking. It also ensures protection from overheating. The soleplate has 23 steam vents. They ensure uniform steam distribution for perfect ironing. Coming with a two years product warranty, it is one of the best clothes irons for the money spent.

3. Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

When inquiring about what is the best iron for clothes, Morphy Richards Super Glide can give you efficient ironing. With its blue and white combination, it is aesthetically pleasing. You have to wait a few minutes for heating up before starting the steam function. Once ready, it works like a bulldozer. This makes it one of the best heavy irons for clothes.

Having a capacity of 350 ml, the water tank is extra large. The iron can deliver continuous steam @ 11g/minute with variable steam control. The 150g/min turbo steam shot perfectly manages stubborn creases.

Morphy Richards Super Glide has a ceramic coated soleplate making it durable. The soleplate has 46 steam holes that make a perfect blend of steam and heat for penetrating the fabrics and flattening creases. The soleplate also glides smoothly on the fabric surface making ironing easy.

The vertical steam feature of the iron delivers a pristine and crisp look to the garments. Equipped with a self-cleaning facility it prevents the holes from clogging. The power requirement is 2000 Watts. This is available with a two years product warranty.

4. Black+Decker BD BIXIR2201IN 2200-Watt Cord & Cordless Steam Iron

Delivering high performance ironing Black+Decker BD BIXIR2201IN is one of the best steam irons for clothes. The iron comes with a 1-meter cord. You can use the iron cordless for some time once it is hot. The iron delivers a continuous steam spray of 30g/min and can also deliver a 100g/min boost for stubborn creases and wrinkles. It is also provided with a knob for controlling steam and temperature for avoiding damage to fabrics. It can be used for dry ironing. Keeping the hot iron on the back stand avoids accidents.

The soleplate is ceramic coated and glides smoothly on all fabric qualities. There are small vents on the soleplate that maintains a uniform distribution of steam. Provided with anti-drip feature the soleplate prevents dripping of water.

The water tank is also extra-large with 350 ml capacity. It is loaded with anti-calc and self-cleaning features. These help to prevent formations of scales. It also comes with a 100 ml measuring cup for pouring water. It uses 2200 watts and heats up quickly. This is available with a 2 years product warranty.

5. Havells Sparkle 1250-Watt Steam Iron

Havells Sparkle comes with a knob for selecting different fabric modes. It comes handy in changing the iron temperature for perfect ironing. This makes it one of the best steam irons for clothes of different types.

Another great feature that also makes it one of the best irons for pressing clothes is its built-in overheating protection system. If by chance, it is left switched on for a long time there will be no damage to the iron.

The iron handle is ergonomically designed to blend with the contours of your hand. The grip is also soft. So, pressing with this iron becomes less tiring. The soleplate is coated with a non-stick material making it versatile. It can glide smoothly over a broad spectrum of fabric surfaces.

Coming with a 230ml capacity water tank Havells Sparkle allows ironing for a long stretch without any re-filling. The iron is also equipped with a variable steam controller that entails perfect pressing of all types of fabrics. It runs on 1250 watts and delivers a stream of 15g/minute. Coming with a dual-sealed steam generating system, it gives efficient performances.

6. Maharaja Whiteline Pristine SI-103 1300-Watt Steam Iron

If you are in quest of the best cheap iron for clothes with a nice look, Maharaja Whiteline Pristine could be an ideal choice. Tank capacity is 150 ml, quite large to press multiple numbers of clothes without re-filling. This is also loaded with a convenient water filling arrangement.

It is light in weight and due to its ergonomic design the iron can be handled easily without much stress. Because of the 1300 watts operational power requirement, it takes less time to iron clothes. It can deliver steam at a rate of 13g/minute. The adjustable knob allows controlling the temperature based on the fabric. The 40gm steam boost can manage thick fabrics and tough creases as well.

The PTFE soleplate is non-stick quality and provided with vents for uniform spraying. It glides over the surface without harming the fabric. The swivel cord allows ironing without tangles.

It comes with an auto-off system making it safe to operate. Loaded with a vertical steam feature this can be used for ironing hanging clothes and curtains as well. This is available with 2 years product warranty.


Features must be given priority than the look while buying an iron. All of these best steam irons for clothes have great features and equally good. Buy any that suits you.

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