3 Best Budget Headphones in India 2022

Buying a low-cost headphone in India might appear to be a difficult task. This is because there are so many different brands to choose from. They sell a variety of headphones with varying levels of audio quality. It’s also worth noting that headphones come in a range of prices. When buying a headphone, do not rush and compare multiple features.

We must compare headphones because we use them frequently to listen to music, audiobooks, and other videos throughout the day.

Although there are many low-cost headphones available in India, it is important to know which one to purchase. We’ve put together a list of the best budget headphones.

Best Budget Headphones in India

1. Sony MDR-XB450 On-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones

When it comes to headphones, people often try to opt for Sony because of their products being really good. The Sony MDR XB450 has a great design and does not cost much being a favorite among the customers. The headphone consists of both glossy and matte finish making it visually appealing. One can twist the ear cups towards the headband; hence one can store it without a hassle.


  • It has a swivel folding design making the headphone portable.
  • The flat serration cord helps the wire not to tangle.
  • Comes in a large variety of colors.
  • The cushioned ear cups make it wearable for a more extended period of time.
  • Great low-end response.
  • The cables last for a long time.
  • The design of the headphone makes it comfortable.
  • It has a flimsy build.
  • It consists of weak mids and highs.

2. boAt Rockerz 400 Bluetooth Headphones

One can find the boat Rockers 400 headphones in two color variants- green and grey. The users can find the boat logo on both the ear cups, and it is quality made. When you pair the headphone with a device, the LED light starts to blink. Customers can also find a USB port in the headphone, which helps to charge it. The ear cushion has cloth finish to make it comfortable and also soak the sweat when one uses it.


  • The product has HD quality and super bass.
  • It is a noise cancellation headphone.
  • One can easily connect the headphone with Bluetooth.
  • Customers can use the headphone with mobile, laptops, and tablets.
  • It can play for 8 hours at a stretch.
  • Great bass and mids.
  • Amazing battery life.
  • Easily portable and lightweight.
  • Standby of 100 hours.
  • The headphone has a plastic body, which makes it less visually appealing.
  • One can experience high sound shrills when playing in high volume.

3. iBall Decibel Bluetooth 5.0 Headphone

People who want an affordable headphones with a sturdy build should opt for this headphone. This product provides good audio quality, and the soft ear cushion makes it comfortable to use for a longer period.


  • It has a sturdy build.
  • In a noisy environment, it has brilliant sound isolation.
  • Great low-frequency performance.
  • Great sound isolation.
  • Durable build.
  • Well-cushioned ear cups.
  • If your phone has a case, the jack will not fit.

Best Budget Headphones in India – Buying Guide

Customers should consider a few factors when looking for the best budget headphones in India. This guide will help us learn more about it.

1. Noise Cancellation

People can now find fantastic noise-cancelling headphones on a budget. They should not expect every noise to vanish in an instant, but the noise cancellation feature can assist in getting rid of unwanted sounds.

2. Collapsible ear cups

Those looking to buy an over-ear headphones should consider whether the ear cups fold or not. If they fold, they can be easily stored.

3. Battery life

Those looking for noise-cancelling headphones with Bluetooth should look for one with long battery life. These two features can quickly drain your battery, so choose one with long battery life.

4. Built-in microphone

People can find a variety of headphones with built-in microphones. This feature allows you to answer a phone call without having to take your phone out of your bag or pocket.

5. Water-resistant

People who use a headphone during a workout should choose one that is water resistant. When we work out, we tend to sweat a lot, and the headphones should be able to withstand this without issue.

6. Comfort

Choose a pair of headphones that are comfortable for you. Most over-the-ear headphones have cushioned ear cups. When you’re comfortable wearing headphones, you’ll spend more time listening.


One can choose from the above-mentioned headphones by comparing and reviewing which one best meets their needs. People nowadays want the best features in their headphones, and these products help users meet their needs.

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